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It is a quite common practice for modern student to quote various sources. The shares of quotations in a student’s paper may differ. Some use quoted materials as a basis of their works, others prefer to write the core of their essays by themselves. However, even the latter in most cases have to cite outside sources, because, in modern science, every researcher “stands on the shoulders of his or her predecessors” (an example of citation in this article). The reason is the high interrelation both within the science as a whole and between the branches within one particular science.

But certainly, the share of citations should be limited. Uniqueness is precious. Uniqueness is a sign of your own contribution and actually makes you a real researcher (of the subject of your science rather than of other scientists’ works). Hence, the importance of check for plagiarism is high. To measure that important parameter, authors (and those who assess their works) use specialized software that compare their papers with all other published works. The comparison consists in detecting coincidences (matches) between the text under revision and other sources. And the program that we offer contains a very powerful and accurate tool granting a free check for plagiarism in your documents.

One of the best websites to check for plagiarism: the advantages

The authors seeking how to check plagiarism in their texts are welcome to our website. What we offer you is probably the best free plagiarism checker currently available. The engine provides the users with numerous boons, which will help them make their texts unique and splendid. Here are our product’s main advantages:

  • not a single time restriction. You are welcome to check your tests whenever you wish, even at night;
  • absolute accuracy. The checker performs comparison with texts on the web detecting all coincidences and marking the matching phrases with another color;
  • quick performance. It takes no longer than a few seconds for the tool to complete comparison and display the results;
  • the number of checks is virtually unlimited;
  • the engine accepts any type of a text;
  • supports an impressing variety of languages and dialects;
  • secure personal data. The user’s documents and data are protected. No one can ever access them;
  • a clear user friendly interface. You will not spend any effort to master it as it is highly intuitive and simple. To check a paper for plagiarism, you just download a document and press the button.

Checking for plagiarism in a particular text

If you are a student and wish to check essay for plagiarism or you are the author of any written text and have a similar desire, you are welcome to try our online plagiarism checker software. We insist that you will enjoy its free check for plagiarism performed with most efficiency and accuracy.

Suppose you’re a student with an intention to impress the professor with a top value essay free of any sign of duplication from other similar works. Then you just copy a needed extract of your text and submit it to the detector mode. Alternatively, you can download the document. The anti-plagiarism engine will get acquainted with the text and start to seek for matches in the sources available in the Internet by viewing a multitude of texts. Then you get the percentage of coincidences and you can view the websites where they are found. At this stage, you are welcome to rewrite marked phrases to raise uniqueness of your text.

The procedure is of top value because you are seldom aware that you duplicate somebody’s work (unless you do it deliberately). Coincidences happen simply because of the plentitude of similar materials on the web. Plagiarism is always a negative phenomenon. Even if serious accusation is out of question, uniqueness is normally preferable. Needless to say, a tool preventing unwelcome matches can serve any writer as a fine assistant in his or her creative activities. And our product can certainly perform this valuable function with top decency.